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PHP Science Programming 101

All of the PHP code published in this WIKI is written by Jay Tanner (Web site and WIKI admin).

Contact: Jay.Tanner.x at PHPScienceLabs dot us (NO SPAM, unless it is the yummy edible kind.)
This WIKI is a work in progress, so it will take time to develop it. Rome wasn't burned in a day.

All PHP source code published on this web site is provided under the
provisions of the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL), v3

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About This WIKI

I study astronomy, astrophysics, general science, math and programming, among other things and, as a result, often encounter numerous related numerical problems that need solving. A programmable scientific calculator made in the 1990s can only go so far. This is the 21st century and my old calculator is becoming more and more insufficient in handling an increasing number of the computations I need to do today.

Much of the work on this web site involves making custom specialized scientific calculators in PHP. There are many such excellent calculators on the Internet, but by studying and modifying the source code of the functions and programs published on this site, anyone can learn to make their own custom calculators as well. It is not very difficult. Sometimes, whether for scientific reasons or simple curiosity, you may simply want the ability to transcend the limited resolution of double precision arithmetic. PHP easily allows this as some of the work published on this web site will demonstrate.

This WIKI is intended to serve as a basic educational resource for other PHP programmers who are looking for source code to solve similar problems and/or learn something about scientific PHP programming in general. Many of the functions I use in my work are published on this web site along with some examples and related PHP source code. Anyone with a PHP-enabled web site should also be able to execute, experiment with and modify the source code in any way they wish.

Instead of writing new programs for an aging scientific calculator, it seems more practical to turn to the Internet and use the powerful corporate computer that powers my PHP-enabled web site to perform the computations instead. This turned out to be a good move because I discovered that PHP web-programming language can be used to develop scientific software for the same things my old calculator did and infinitely more, the best parts being the ability to do arbitrary-precision arithmetic to thousands of digits and powerful string and file manipulating functions.

Jay Tanner - Site admin

There is nothing commercial here. No ads, only the rare blurb pertaining to non-commercial, open-source freeware, readily available to all, like POV-Ray, which I used in the development of many of the rendered images seen on this web site.

Registering below is free and essentially anonymous. Practically any made-up handle/name and working anti-spam confirmation e-mail address is OK. This is ONLY to help avert those ever-devious spam-bots from hell from automatically stopping here, dumping their excrement on the property and merrily running off to their next hit. It already happened once. Now my sword is drawn. Lord Greed, I spit on thy boots!

If you wish to leave any comments, registered sentient users may do so below. I'm especially interested in collaborating with peers who like to do similar science and astronomy-related programming in PHP and perhaps share/compare code related to similar computations.

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