Lunar Surface Graphics Resource Files To Use With POV-Ray Lunar Explorer

The First 2 Files Are Included In The Full POV-Ray Lunar Explorer Package Available
For Download Below

The POV-Ray lunar rendering programs published on this site will require one or more of the above graphic files as resources. 

These files are the maps used to generate the POV-Ray lunar renderings and phase series sets published on this web site.  These are very large graphics files with fine detail which makes it possible to generate some very high-quality lunar surface view simulations when used with POV-Ray.

The local paths to the resource image files can be adjusted as neded or, in the simplest case, they can be included in same folder as the POV-Ray script that requires them.


The FULL package contains all source code and resource files, ready to run and begin experimenting.  It is a very large file due to the size of the graphics images, which are already highly compressed.  The program scripts themselves are very small plain-text files.


Complete lunar phase image sets may be found HERE.  All of the lunar phase images were rendered by the POV-Ray Lunar Phase Series Generator script and consist of 361 phase images from 0 to 360 degrees at 1-degree intervals.


There are numerous sites on the Internet where maps that anyone can use with POV-Ray are freely available to the public.  In the event that the original sources become unavailable, some of those files and modified versions thereof are available on this web site for use with any published scripts that require them and links to those original sources, if still valid.  These external links were validated and working as of   2014 May 23.

Jay Tanner - 2014