Program and Images by Jay Tanner - 2018

If you found this web page while searching for a set of lunar phase images you could use in your own programming project, then these files may be what you have been seeking.  These lunar phase image sets were rendered by the POV-Ray Lunar Phase Series Generator script.  They can be downloaded for use with your own projects that require a uniform set of pre-rendered lunar phase images.

I wanted and searched the Internet for a good set of high-quality, free lunar images at 1-degree intervals, but could not find anything suitable anywhere.  A NASA web site had such a set, but the phase images were thumbnail-sized, like postage stamps, much too small for my needs.  So, I made my own lunar phase image sets and decided to share them via the WWW with anyone else who may have a similar need.

The software used to create the images (POV-Ray) is no-strings-attached FREEware and the texture maps used for the renderings were also freely available on the WWW.  If you wish to create similar images for yourself, there is no need to buy or pirate anything or pay royalties to do it.  With the exception of the POV-Ray program itself, which should be obtained from the official web site, all the resources and scripts required to render the lunar images here are freely available on this web site.

For more information on POV-Ray, visit the official POV-Ray web site.

Since the initial effort turned out rather well, I went a little farther and created several sets of various sizes and also four full sets of lunar phases as viewed from the front, back, east and west sides of the moon, so a simple program could be written to show the moon as viewed simultaneously from four different directions at any given geocentric phase.

All of these phase image sets consist of 361 JPEG images redendered at 1-degree intervals of phase from 0 to 360 degrees and in various sizes from small to large, high-resolution, photo-realistic images.  Random examples taken from each of the available image sets are displayed below with their related download links.

The PHP lunar phase-related program download packages from this web site come complete with all the required image sets already included, which is why they are such large files. The programs are rather small.  It is the 361 high-quality images in each set that adds the most to the sizes of the packages.  If a smaller set of lunar phase images set desired, they can also be downloaded here and used instead of the default images.

Other resources and maps available on this site may be found on THIS page.