Temperature Scale Interconversions

This program computes the corresponding temperature equivalents for any given input temperature arguments on the Fahrenheit, Celsius, Kelvin or Rankine scales.

Temperature Value & Scale =     
Temperatures equivalent to 0 F
= -17.7777777778 C = 255.3722222222 K = 459.67 R
Jay Tanner - 2018
Interconversion Formulas Used

The input temperature argument is internally converted into its equivalent on the Kelvin (K) scale and then that value is, in turn, converted into its equivalent on all the other scales and the computed results displayed.

Applying the mathematical definition, absolute zero means the absence of all heat, thus there cannot be any negative temperatures on either of the absolute (K or R) scales.  The program will report temperatures that equate to below absolute zero as an error.

  • Let:

    F = Degrees Fahrenheit
    C = Degrees Celsius
    K = Degrees Kelvin (kelvins) = Degrees C above absolute zero
    R = Degrees Rankine = Degrees F above absolute zero

  • First, the K-scale equivalent of the given temperature is computed according to whichever one of the following formulas apply.

  • Then, the K-scale temperature value equivalents on the other three scales are computed according to the following formulas.

Jay Tanner - 2018